Septic pumping and Operation and
Maintenance are key in making your
septic system last and function
properly. A neglected system does
not treat sewage properly and can
pollute the environment and water
supply of our beautiful valley. A
neglected system can also lead to
costly repairs and ultimately lead to
system failure and replacement.
Regular pumping of your system is
the best way of maintaining your
system. It's like changing the oil in
your car. It removes the solids that
build up in your tank over time. This
also helps prevent solids from
flowing to your drainfield and
plugging it up, leading to failure.
also insures the effective treatment
of septage before entering the
At J.A. Wright Construction LLC we were the first company
to be certified to perform Operation & Maintenance in
Okanogan County. We continually attend classes to
update our knowledge to better serve you and help
protect out pristine valley and water supply. In
the State
of Washington and
Okanogan County it is required that
pressurized systems be checked yearly and gravity
systems be checked every 3 years. A free brochure is
available for additional information if you have any
questions or you can call our office and someone will
help you immediately.
We also have maintenance
programs with flexible payment options that include
regular monitoring of the system and pumping!
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This is caused by a neglected
septic system!
Don't let this happen to you!